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Purchasing assistant


Job responsibilities:


1, to assist the purchasing manager, and foreign companies to purchase work;


2, file management contracts and suppliers, set up supplier information database;


3, assist purchasing manager in supplier contact, reception work;


4, production, writing all kinds of purchasing index statistics;


5, is responsible for the production and management for documents and other warehouse management documents;


6, groping, quantified performance index, record and keep improving;


7, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.




1, college degree or above, sexs, fresh graduates priority;


2, English level 4 above, can communicate with foreign companies


3, familiar with Word, excel and other office software, computer operation skill;


4, the work is careful seriously, a strong sense of responsibility, the thought is agile, has strong team work spirit.




Sales assistant

Job responsibilities:


1, responsible for the company's sales contract and other documents management, classification, sorting, documentation and filing;


2, responsible for collecting, sorting and induction market;


3, to assist the sales manager to do a good job of telephone visit, in the absence of the sales staff in a timely manner to tell the customer information, properly handle;


4, assist sales manager to finish the department of the interior, all kinds of internal meeting record, etc.




1, college degree or above, sexs, fresh graduates priority;


2, work conscientiously, careful, responsible;


3, familiar with office and other office software;


4, with service consciousness, can adapt to the larger work pressure;



Position: International Trade Commissioner

Job requirements:

1.Implement the company's trading business,Implement trade rules,exploit the market

2.Responsible for contacting customer, making quotation, participating in business negotiation, signing contract

3.Responsible for production tracking, delivery, on-site supervision

4.Responsible for document review, customs clearance, settlement, after-sales service, etc.

5.Customer development and maintenance

6.Sorting and filing of relevant information

7.Report on related business


1. College degree or above

2.major in international trade, business English related majors

3.CET-6 or Professional English level 4

4. male is preferred.

5. Working experience is preferred